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What record(s) cannot be Expunged according to Louisiana law?

Under Louisiana’s law, the only felonies that cannot be expunged are those for violent offenses, sex offenses, crimes against minors, and drug trafficking offenses (mere possession with intent to distribute is eligible for expungement); 

DUI arrests may not be expunged.

According to Legis.LA.Gov:  Below is a detailed list of what WILL NOT be EXPUNGED.

            (1) Solicitation for murder.

            (2) First degree murder.

            (3) Second degree murder.

            (4) Manslaughter.

            (5) Aggravated battery.

            (6) Second degree battery.

            (7) Aggravated assault.

            (8) Mingling harmful substances.

            (9) Aggravated or first degree rape.

            (10) Forcible or second degree rape.

            (11) Simple or third degree rape.

            (12) Sexual battery.

            (13) Second degree sexual battery.

            (14) Intentional exposure to AIDS virus.

            (15) Aggravated kidnapping.

            (16) Second degree kidnapping.

            (17) Simple kidnapping.

            (18) Aggravated arson.

            (19) Aggravated criminal damage to property.

            (20) Aggravated burglary.

            (21) Armed robbery.

            (22) First degree robbery.

            (23) Simple robbery.

            (24) Purse snatching.

            (25) Extortion.

            (26) Assault by drive-by shooting.

            (27) Aggravated crime against nature.

            (28) Carjacking.

            (29) Illegal use of weapons or dangerous instrumentalities.

            (30) Terrorism.

            (31) Aggravated second degree battery.

            (32) Aggravated assault upon a peace officer with a firearm.

            (33) Aggravated assault with a firearm.

            (34) Armed robbery; use of firearm; additional penalty.

            (35) Second degree robbery.

            (36) Disarming of a peace officer.

            (37) Stalking.

            (38) Second degree cruelty to juveniles.

            (39) Aggravated flight from an officer.

            (40) Repealed by Acts 2014, No. 602, §7, eff. June 12, 2014.

            (41) Battery of a police officer.

            (42) Trafficking of children for sexual purposes.

            (43) Human trafficking.

            (44) Home invasion.

            (45) Domestic abuse aggravated assault.

            (46) Vehicular homicide, when the operator's blood alcohol concentration exceeds 0.20 percent                         by weight based on grams of alcohol per one hundred cubic centimeters of blood.