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What record(s) can be Expunged according to Louisiana law?

Arrests that do not lead to convictions usually can be expunged; 

Most local ordinance violations;

State misdemeanors and felonies which do not lead to a conviction;

Juvenile criminal records according to Article 917 to 922 of the Louisiana Children's Code that have not been adjucated; has been more than 2 years since you satisfied most recent judgement; those crimes other than murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, armed robbery, and sex crimes; might be expunged if more than 5 years since satisfaction of your judgement;

Adult convictions if you were specifically placed on probation under Article 893 or 894 of the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure, successfully satisfied your probation, and had the sentence vacated; 

For Federal arrest record(s), you had a federal conviction for simple drug possession and you were under 21 years old at the time

When  misdemeanor arrest records can generally be expunged in Louisiana:

A "misdemeanor" is any crime other than a felony. A misdemeanor arrest record generally can be expunged if there was no conviction and either (1) the time limit for beginning prosecution of the offense has run out, or (2) a prosecution was begun, but the case was ended by dismissal, acquittal or motion to quash.

When felony arrest records can generally be expunged in Louisiana:

A "felony" is a crime that can have a sentence of hard labor or death. In Louisiana, state felony arrest records may be expunged if there was no conviction and (1) prosecution was begun and the case has been ended by acquittal, dismissal or a motion to quash and the record of arrest and prosecution for the offense has no substantial value as a prior act for any future prosecution, OR (2) the time limit for prosecution of the offense has run out and no prosecution was begun.