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Video Exclusives

The Leadership Song - written by LAH:

Performed to Iggy Azalea's "I'm So Fancy"

     “The Leadership Song” was written by Richard “LAH” Slaughter to Iggy Azaleas’s “I’m So Fancy” composition per request from Port Allen Elementary’s, Mrs. Michelle Kauffman.  Upon completion, the children were required to learn the lyrics which support and promote the school’s Leader in Me Program, or 7 qualities of a great leader.  Mrs. Antoinette Jackson of PAE and LAH worked with a specific group of children - DJ Proactive and the Habit Masters - to learn the song to record on wax then video. Greg Dukes and MH Films were commissioned by RAX WorldWide to come in and record the students. The music recording was completed on April 3, 2015, video production was completed on April 17, 2015.   

The Leadership Song - LAH

Community Matters

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