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We are dedicated to reducing recidivism in the State of Louisiana where African American males and other minority groups (African American females, Asians, Latino(a)(e) and Hispanic persons) are impacted disproportionately and given less opportunity upon exiting the prison system.  With Louisiana having the highest incarceration rate in the world based on information and statistics found from Prison Policy Initiative's website (2023), those who have been previously incarcerated deserve a second chance at success.  The stigma stands around for too long for indivdiuals who have reformed their lives, yet are unable to provide for their families.  A good many with a record are forced to settle for a lifetime with an average income according to Zippia the Career Expert of  $19,000  and as stated by Brookings (2018) only 55% of those released make above $10,000.  


What about the families and communities that are impacted by the hardship of time served being a reason to receive less than equal opportunities especially when the skills and education fit the bill?  When we add this to the sensitive issue of being labeled as a minority then the constraints become tighter and outlook more miniscule.  We are here to offer our program as a means to assist those who are constantly overlooked and forgotten.   


We need your help to progress and accomplish our goals so that our state can be seen as one of the most beautiful to visit, not the most likely to be arrested.  Take a look below at how you can help and what we are doing to make an impact.

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