Premiere Photos

RAX Worldwide, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, welcomes you to browse our premiere photo gallery.    We hope you are inspired to do community works or donate to our  random act of kindness!  

RAX does BREC Sno Ball Day

RAX Music Recording of "The Leadership Song" at PAE



RAX Events Photos

RAX & the NAACP Juneteenth Clean-Up

RAX Does a Sno Ball Day for City of St. Gabriel Community Center

RAX Port Allen Community Clean Up


RAX and PAE Video Premier of "The Leadership Song"

RAX does "Another Expungement Event"

Port Allen

Black History Parade

RAX & Capitol High Football Team Community Clean Up

RAX & COSG Sponsors:  Expungement Event

RAX Does a SnoBall Day for Mounth Bethel Baptist Church

RAX, NAACP, & MidCity Redevelopment Alliance:  Sweet Olive Cemetery Clean-Up

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Port Allen Black History Parade