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Mission Statement


Our mission is to engage in random

acts of kindness all over the world. 

Purpose Statement


Our purpose is to be the positive

change we want to see.

Vision Statement

RAX's vision is to create pandemonium for positive deeds.  


Our Goal

Our goal is to collaborate with

likeminded professionals and philanthropists

who want to inspire positive change.  




Everret "Briqq" Parker

Board Vice Chair

Louisiana Firefighter

Richard "LAH" Slaughter

Social Media - #CryptoMorpheus

CEO/Chairman of the Board

Director of X Block Expungement Services

203248510_1796764457192367_4318862274416501967_n (1).jpg

Taryn "T" Hills

Master of Science in I/O Psychology

Social Media - #NephilimGod

Board Secretary 

Co-Dir. X Block Expungement Services



Take a scroll through our past events.  Your contributions have allowed RAX Worldwide, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, to surprise the public with positive acts of kindness and experience happiness in the process.  
We encourage you to donate or sponsor our organization  as it allows us to further and continue our activities on a global scale.  By opening your heart and your purse you are contributing to:  community clean-up events, middle and highschool team sponsorships (team wear, food and lodging, upgrades on equipment, better resources and facilities, etc.), expungement events, sno-ball days, teacher appreciation days, fun days, and even more to come!
Community Clean Up - June 2017
Expungement Event - May 6 2017
Sweet Olive Cemetery Clean Up
Port Allen Community Clean-Up
Another Expungement Event
Expungement Event
Community Clean Up Day August 2016
Sweet Olive Cemetery Clean-Up
Expungement Event and Empowerment E.X.P.O.
Expungement Event
Community Clean-Up
Black History Day Parade
Community Clean-Up
Community Clean-Up
Another Expungement Event
RAX at Day At The Capital
  • Fish Fry Fundraiser/ Food Giveaway

       Summer 2012

       Baton Rouge, Louisiana


  • BREC Sports Academy Sno-Ball Day

       June 27, 2014

       Baton Rouge, Louisiana


  • AT&T Pizza Day

       July 17, 2014

       Baton Rouge, Louisiana


  • Music Recording of "The Leadership Song"

       April 3, 2015

       Port Allen, Louisiana


  • RAX Teacher Appreciation Day

       May 8, 2015

       Port Allen, Louisiana


  • E.X.P.O.

       October 10, 2015

       Port Allen,  Louisiana


  • Christmas Caroling

       December 20  , 2015

       Port Allen, Louisiana 


  • Black History Parade

       February 13, 2016

       Port Allen, Louisiana 





     Community Clean Up Day

     February 28, 2016

     Port Allen, Louisiana


     Community Clean-Up Day with CHS Lions

     May 7, 2016

     Baton Rouge, Louisiana


     Community Clean-Up Day

     May 15, 2016

     Port Allen, Louisiana


     Expungement Event

     July 16, 2016

     St. Gabriel, Louisiana


     Empowerment Expo - Expungements

     &  more

     August 6, 2016

     Baton Rouge, Louisiana

     Port Allen Community Clean-Up

     October 16, 2016

     Port Allen, Louisiana

     Sweet Olive Cemetery Clean-up Phase II

     January 14, 2017

     Baton Rouge, Louisiana

     Port Allen Community Clean-Up

     June 18, 2017

     Port Allen, Louisiana



RAX WorldWide was founded in 2012 by Richard "LAH" Slaughter.  The premise was that the world needed pandemonium for positive  deeds.  

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