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X BLOCK Expungement Services

Our Expungement Services are currently offered to individuals who have been criminally convicted  in the state of Louisiana, for crimes that are in need of expunging.  


We do not expunge records for free.  Rather, our organization facilitates the expungement process by providing important information and alternative resources for future assistance, along with sponsoring and hosting events throughout the state that bring lawyers together with those who have criminal records so that they can obtain free legal advice or counsel going forward.

Eden Oasis

Eden Oasis is geared towards the revivial and beautification of our Global Community, through monthly community clean-up's and other restorative efforts (cemeteries, housing, & other neglected/abandoned infrastructures). Our efforts began in our local neighborhood of Port Allen, LA and has since expanded

We believe that with additional help - posting clean ups live via social media, and/or a donation to our Eden Oasis Program - you will contribute to the restoration of landmarks that individuals hold near and dear to their hearts.

Sandbag Co. - More Info Coming Soon

The Sandbag Co., is a program geared towards disaster preparedness and emergency relief.  Our efforts include assisting with sandbag logistics, boarding of facilities, extraction and placement of belongings on higher grounds or storage  units, and assisting local communities and businesses with preparing for weather or catastrophes that place human lives at risk along with preliminary clean-ups after storms and major disasters.  Per our NAIC requirements, we are opening  our services to the following parishes of Louisiana:  East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge and Plaquemine.

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